Jolly Handy welcomes you to our information site and do wish you a nice experience in your visit here. None of us can ever predict the things that break, go bust, wear out or simply just stop working. At times in the modern world today, it just seems technology is set up on a time clock for that very thing to happen.

It seems that products are made with limited life and we all need to expect to fix or replace most things sooner than expected.

All of us at times have said "I just bought it brand new" when the brand new really is five years later.

Our specialty at Jolly Handy is an amazing ability to see a problem and think outside the box for alternative fix it solutions. Our tradies are old world masters of industry who have served under true trade masters and have seen thousands of thing go wrong in there life time, and, like you, look for cheaper and better alternatives where ever possible.


It will never be possible to tell you all the things we can do, but we do list many here.

So I encourage you to pick up the phone, tell us your situation and ask us to come and see you where ever you might be.


Why not take us up on our $50 FREE first time fix it offer?


I look forward to hearing from you, until then.. relax and enjoy this day.

Mr Jolly

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I'm handy in Bathrooms & Kitchens. I have used them a few times in my life and understand what they are all about. Things like: mirrors, tiles, vanities, shower screens,and shower sprays heads with flexible hoses. Its just a wash over for us. But we cant cook. perhaps you have your favourite cookies and a cuppa when we call. We do all sorts of fix its and repairs in kitchens. Taps and washers, broken hinges and doors,vents exhausts and canopies. Medium to moderate renos and upgrades.  


 We do yard clean ups weeding, mowing, lawn dressing fertilising and weekly maintenance and watering if required if your away on holidays. At Jolly Handy we provide a full service and remove all debris and garden waste after we finish the work. We combine our garden work with any maintenance and repair work that is necessary in the upkeep of your home. At Jolly Handy we do concreting and brickpaving works.If you need a price call -

Mr Jolly for an obligation free quote. See us on Facebook also



I'm very handy with assembling flat packs from the "start the car" shop to garden sheds or anything from that Big Green and Red hardware store.

Its easy for us we do it all the time and we have a very affordable service as long as you supply a cuppa and scones.

Other stuff we install includes:

cloths lines- cloths dryers-appliances -kitchen hoods and benches-disability grab bars-cafe and patio blinds - window blinds and awnings-shelving units-storage racks-floor and wall safes- anything you buy thats needs fitting.. we do it all


I'm handy with flooring. We can pull up strip, replace and lay. timbers and vynals.


Anything else you woud like to do on a floor or with a floor..we can do it.


I'm handy with doors, Its just an open and shut case. Old or new, fix it replace it, or just change it. We dont mind. Need a new lock or the damm things jammed and wont shut or open..or you just may want to splash a bit of color arround, pop in a window or porthole or add a door knocker or a "Who's There" sight glass. Thats what we do.

We are really very good at painting. We actually get it on the walls and ceilings where its supposed to go and not everywhere else. We use the right paints for the right situations and cut to a fine line without smudging the edges to appear like a Ken Done masterpeice abstract. Not just a brush over,  Its a refreshing experience to see what a stroke of painting genius can do forn a room.

Electrickery is not our buisiness, but we are good at turning on the lights again, and figuring out the best solutions with light bulbs change overs and power cords.


We do work with a very skilled licenced electrican with incredible magical talents. He fixes most by things by waving his magic wand. We are happy to introduce you to our "Jolly Handy" electrician.


Buy your own or let us buy it for you..It doesnt matter to us,but we do know what product is rubbish and what is a  good sturdy shed. Compare prices with our supply and install service, you will be pleasantly pleased. If you buy your own and DIY  - Wait until you try open the box and look at a thousand parts in there, you need a university degree to assemble the frigging thing. But you got a bargain and bought it on line or at that big green and red store. It usually takes you and your mate all day to assemble it with a few parts left out or left over. But dont miss the footy!!

At Jolly Handy we will make sure your not dissapointed and ensure you still have a bargain..

 Hello my name is Sonia and I have a beautiful Park Home  on the beachfront in Rockingham W.A.
I purchased my park home simply because from my sun room I can see the Indian Ocean and sailing yachts. But honestly the place is a wreck ..gee in some rooms it doesnt even have windows. Mr Jolly
repairs and fixes things replaces and builds new fittings and fixtures to my home in good time and budget. He even offers a payment plan so I can keep up with my budget and get stuff done.Thanks Mr Jolly.
Sonia  W.A.
Mr Jolly
I just wanted to send you an email to say how happy we are you did a great job replacing our Polly carbon roof, we will definitely recommend you to our friends.
Trish & Don  Mandurah  W.A

HI my name is Tanya and I am a single mum struggling to keep up with home maintenance and gardening. Mr Jolly is great, he is very affordable for me, can do anything and is very flexible with working arround my available time when attending my home.
He sorts out the garden, painting , small fix it jobs and has good tips and advice on how to do things myself or to obtain reasonably priced services for other things I need. I really dont know how i got on without Mr Jolly.  I am glad I found him.
Tanya  W.A

We are only a phone call away

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And on our visit we will provide you with an honest  evaluation of works to be completed and estimate of costs.
Along with 
Service and Quality
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                                   Mr Jolly